Showing Their Age: Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

What is old is new again. The newest home trends are the beautiful, aged hardwood floors made popular years ago. The hardwood floor Tustin, CA market is booming as is the market around the country. Why are they so popular?

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and make for a gorgeous home. There are no floor coverings more eye catching than a new hardwood. Unfortunately,over time your floor will begin to show its age. Some of the wear and tear on hardwood floors is unavoidable – it is due to ‘normal, everyday living. However, you can take measures to keep your floor in top shape and reduce the signs of aging significantly.

The Do’s and Don’ts

If you follow a few simple guidelines you can enjoy your new hardwood floors for years to come. Newly installed hardwood flooring Tustin, CA products only require you to make a few sensible adjustments to your living spaces.

>> Small floor mats should be placed at each entrance. The mats should be breathable and catch dust.

>> Mats should have cotton or felt backing. Never use a doormat with rubber backing on your hardwood floor.

>> Felt should always be placed under furniture, such as chair and table legs. You can find pads especially for this or make your own.

>> Take care of your casters. If they are not in good condition they will scratch the floor. Keep them clean. They should also be one inch in width or wider.

>> Area rugs are perfect for hallways, in front of ovens, in foyers, or in any area that draws traffic. A high volume of traffic means more wear and tear.

>> Never drag tables, sofas, chairs, or other furniture. Always lift anything when moving it across your floor. This same ‘do’ goes for boxes and other items in addition to furniture.

>> Never walk on your floor with athletic cleats. It may be a little more difficult, but it is also suggested that you never walk on your floor in heels.

>> You cat or dog can cause big problems with his or her claws so keep them groomed. If you hear them ‘tap. . . tap. . . tap’ across the floor it is time for a trim.

>> Hardwood is a natural product. To keep it from drying out or rotting it is important to have a balance of humidity. Experts recommend around 45 percent, with a window of 10 percent either way. You can use a humidifier or any other product to help maintain this balance.

>> Finally,utilize the newest technology available to keep your beautiful floors from fading – ultraviolet curtains or blinds. These products keep the sun from damaging your floors. Whether you are a hardwood floor Tustin, CA customer or a customer around the globe, this can be a huge problem with an easy fix – UV blinds and curtains.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up is not just for company. Keeping your hardwood floors clean will increase their lifespan and decrease the wear and tear. For example, if you are a hardwood flooring Tustin, CA customer you will want to keep your floors free of the grit that scratch your floors.

All hardwood floors owners should sweep their floors often. The latest vacuums have a bare floorts option. In addition, when you use products on your floor stay away from harsh chemicals and only use those okayed by the company for your floors.