Indoor Gardening – Fake Plants Don’t Count

Setting fake trees or plants around the house and dusting them every so often is not indoor gardening. There are people that don’t have any success with indoor plants and still others that believe plants are for the outdoors. But there are plenty of plants and herbs that do quite well indoors and plants help clean the air by eliminating carbon dioxide from the home just as they do outside plus they also add a very decorative touch to your home.

If you are considering indoor gardening for the first time, you will want to choose plants that are strong and do especially well indoors. The gardeners at your local plant nursery can be very helpful with advice and resources to help you be successful.

If you will be working on indoor gardening during the winter there are some extra measures you will need to take to keep your garden growing well. You will want to keep your plants or garden away from any heat source and protect them from drafts. During the winter it is likely your plants will go somewhat dormant, but do not worry they will still have new growth.

Take care not to overwater your plants and make sure they have good drainage. The water used to water your plants should be about room temperature, try not to expose your indoor garden plants to extreme exposures to anything.

Since indoor plants won’t get the sunlight they do outdoors, lighting is essential. If you can’t give your plants natural light you could use artificial lighting that’s available in a variety of stores. If your plant is grown to a good size when you buy it or bring it inside, it will take an adjustment period for it to get used to the new lighting. Rotating your plants a quarter turn every week should keep all sides growing at about the same rate.

Herb gardens make an excellent choice for indoor gardening, you can eat them and they look nice. Herb gardens will mature pretty quickly and provide fresh herbs for months. Because they do so well inside, you can start your indoor gardening with herbs any time of year. The key ingredients to having a robust herb garden or indoor garden of any kind really, are good soil, good lighting and warmth.

Indoor gardening is not all that difficult; in fact, it is pretty much the same as outdoor. There are even some advantages to indoor gardening. For example, you won’t have to worry as much about bugs and insects bothering your plants. You also won’t have to worry about wind or frost so even if you want to get your plants off to a healthy start or extend their growing past the first frost, indoor gardening offers an easy way to control your plants environment.

Using containers for your plants makes it possible to grow them indoors or bring outside plants indoors for the winter. There are many garden plants that will do well planted in a container and brought indoors. You may not have the space to have more than one or two of your favorite vegetables inside but one tomato plant can produce quite a few tomatoes.